Benefits of Advertising in Social Media

There can be various reasons driving you to think about advertising on social media. The ultimate goal is surely to grow sales but that’s applicable to advertising in general. So why should you choose social media?

Social media is a very good place to grow and nurture a fan base allowing direct interaction and feedback from your audience.

Also, you can use content which was generated by customers for your ads. Imagine you are thinking about buying a product and you might have seen some advertising on the product. You do notice the advert and you might read some details about the product. And then you see a review of a customer who is totally excited using the product with a big smile all over his face. You will probably run to the next store and buy it! Customer generated content has a very strong effect on us.

Social media companies gather a lot and detailed information about us. And I don’t want to go into the ethics and the cons of that. The good thing is: if you decide to run an advertisement campaign on social media, you can fairly precisely target the audience you want to. That’s the complete opposite of a radio advert: it’s played to everyone listening independent if the listener is part of your target group or not.

On the other extreme you can literally scale it to the whole world. For example, Facebook has more than 2 billion users monthly. They are covering about a forth of the world’s population.

When posting an advertisement on social media, it will be displayed and seen by users immediately. You will have an immediate return on your investment. There is no need to wait until somebody enters the specific key word you defined. Other practices like content marketing take a lot longer to unfold their effect on customers.

In addition, you can easily A/B-test your advert during the launch phase and then decide on a winner based on hard facts.

What’s the right social media channel to be used?

New social media channels are established almost monthly. But most of them will never really gain traction and they will eventually disappear.

Therefore it’s best to go with the old-experienced ones. Once your sorted out your campaigns and everything works stable you can still allocate a small fraction of your budget to experiment off the beaten track.

For 2018 I recommend to adhere to the following social media channels to advertise: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Snapchat.

What factors decide where to advertise?

Now you have a short list of potential social media channels for your ad campaign. How can you decide which one is the one for you?

By reverse-engineering. You will first have to define as precisely as possible who your target customers are and what characteristics describe them. Once this is done, answer the following questions:

  • In what channels are your target customers most concentrated?
  • In what channels are your target customers most reachable?
  • Where do your target customers most actively engage with ads?

The detailed answers to these questions will be the guide to the ideal social media channel for your case.

In my next post I will explain pros and cons of all social media channels mentioned above.


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