Parallels between Cooking and Marketing

Some of you might know that I love cooking. At the beginning, I focused exclusively on desserts and all else such as starters and main dishes were unimportant to me. Except for when cooking for my parents, where I wanted to avoid scaring my mom and dad, I used to serve an extensive apero followed by 3 different desserts. Unimportant fillers such as starters and main dish were left out completely.

Another passion of mine is Marketing. To me, Marketing is the extrovert voice of business. So what are the parallels of the worlds of Cooking and Marketing?

You eat with your eyes first

In all Restaurants, significant effort is put into the presentation of the plate. I realised that I get a “wow” from my guests when I do this at home, too. At least if I get the timing of all components right allowing me to take the appropriate time to arrange everything on the plates neatly… . This is very much applicable to Marketing. An advertisement on a billboard will strike you immediately if it is nicely made.

Things don’t always run according to plan

Usually, you have a plan when you start cooking a menu. You know what ingredients you use, you prepare all required tools and you might have a recipe ready. Despite the meticulous planning, many things can go wrong under way. It’s exactly the same in the Marketing context. Have you ever experienced the person at the agency you work with fell ill exactly when it was time to deliver on the project?

Spontaneous adjustments might be necessary

One should celebrate the parties as they come! In my view there is nothing better than having friends over for a spontaneous visit which after a while turns into a real party where the table is moved to the side to enlarge the dancefloor.

It should be neither tasteless nor too hot

Everyone who cooks has probably made the mistake once to confuse salt for sugar. That will either produce sweet Spaghetti or a very salty cake! In Marketing they always say that “sex sells”, however, it should still be only a teaser and too much of it can be a turnoff.

The context does matter

A Raclette on a summer beach-party is about as nice as a cold Gazpacho soup in an Iglu. And the same holds true for any Marketing material. It does matter at what time of the year and in what place what material is published or advertised. IMG_1593

The art is in the simplicity

Steve Jobs once said: simple can be harder than complex. you have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains. There is not a lot to add to the example of apple and its products with their slim, clean and timeless look. And hey, is there anything better than a simple, homemade fresh pasta?

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